It's a new world out there. Routegy helps.

Reimagine how people interact with your business with touchless, contactless purchases, issue reporting, requests, and feedback. No shared surfaces, no app, and no code required.

Replace in-person, high-contact interactions with touchless touchpoints.

Hand holding a phone scanning a QR code


Hand holding a phone tapping an NFC tag


Person issuing voice commands to a smart speaker


Hand waving in front of a sensor


Create contactless experiences that delight your customers.

QR code outside of a storefront offering curbside pickup

Curbside pickup

QR code in a restaurant that offers a menu, ordering, and contactless payment solution

Orders & purchasing

QR code at a reception desk offering a touchless, contactless check-in experience


QR code on a sign in a lobby asking for customer feedback

Feedback & surveys

QR code on a restroom wall offering assistance

Requests & issues

Light bulb turned on

and more!

Start adding touchless experiences to your business.


Go touchless! Eliminate shared surfaces and let people use their own devices.


No apps. No accounts. No overhead. Just easy-to-use contactless, touchless interactions that people will love.


Integrate with your existing tools and workflows using Routegy’s built-in integrations and open API.


All of your data is E2E encrypted and encrypted at rest.

Discover how Routegy can help your business.