Add touchless traveler experiences to anything, anywhere.

Enable travelers to make requests, report issues, and provide feedback quickly and easily. No shared surfaces, no app, and no code required.

Make travel easy

Travelers access information right where they need it by scanning QR codes and tapping NFC tags. Context is automatic and there's no app required.

Discover issues faster

Empower travelers to report bathroom and facility issues so you're notified instantly when service is needed. Save time by catching issues and recognizing patterns early.

Keep travelers happy

Collect feedback and improve satisfaction with surveys and feedback forms located right where travelers are most likely to see them.

Discover how Routegy can help your facility.

Build touchless traveler experiences with Routegy's best-in-class features

Add contactless, contextual interactions to your existing infrastructure with built-in integrations for popular tools or make use of our open API.

Create forms and surveys that collect the answers and data you need.

Choose the form factors that make sense for your facility: QR codes, NFC tags, buttons, or sensors.

Analyze patterns and trends to optimize your operations.

No apps. No accounts. No overhead. Just easy-to-use contactless, touchless interactions that travelers will love.

Match your touchpoints to your facility and design with our white-labeling options.