Routegy makes it easy to add touchless interactions to your business.

Empower people to make purchases, report issues, submit requests, and provide feedback quickly and easily. No shared surfaces, no app, and no code required.

Routegy makes touchless interactions easy. Here's how.


People interact with touchpoints via QR codes, NFC tags, buttons, sensors, voice, and anything that can call an API.


Information is gathered, context is added, analytics are captured, and data is routed.


Collected information and context are sent to integrations with popular tools like Slack and Zapier and communication methods like email and text.

Create touchpoints for common interactions.

Touchpoints represent points where people (or sensors) can interact. For example, you might have touchpoints for “The coffee is out” and “Front door opened.”

Touchpoints belong to locations, which are used to organize touchpoints and map them to physical spaces. For example, you might have locations for “Kitchen” and “Lobby.”

Choose the information to collect.

Schemas define the data that each of your touchpoints should gather. Forms are rendered in the web browser; no app required.

  • Menus, ordering, and purchases: Show off your offerings to facilitate orders and purchases.
  • Surveys: Solicit feedback, ratings, and reviews.
  • Requests and issues: Help people and find problems faster.
  • Chat: Offer interactive experiences and real-time guidance.

Decide where information should go.

Handlers process information and power integrations when a touchpoint interaction occurs. Each touchpoint can have one or more handlers.

  • Notifications: email, Slack, SMS
  • Work management: Jira, Trello
  • Hooks: AWS Lambda, IFTTT, webhooks, Zapier
  • Payments: Square, Google Pay, Apple Pay

The list of integrations is always expanding. Want to learn how we can integrate with your existing infrastructure and tools? Contact us.

Pick the right form factor for the job.

Design touchpoints that match your brand and needs. Work with us or DIY.

  • QR and NFC: For interactions that require input like purchasing flows, leaving feedback, or reporting issues. No app or account required.
  • Buttons and gestures: For quick reports and requests that require no input.
  • Sensors: For fully automated tasks like recording events or detecting issues.

The features you need to add touchless interactions to your business.


Go touchless! Eliminate shared surfaces and let people use their own devices.


All of your data is E2E encrypted and encrypted at rest.


Analyze patterns and trends to optimize your operations.


Build customized integrations and drive innovative workflows with our open API.

Discover how Routegy can help your business.