Add touchless
customer employee guest traveler patient visitor fan

experiences to anything, anywhere.

Enable touchless, contextual purchases, requests, feedback, and issues from the people you serve.

Streamline how people interact with your business.

Contactless purchases

Boost revenue by adding point-of-sale experiences where they’re most convenient.

Touchless issues and requests

Discover issues sooner and address requests faster by making it easy for people to let you know.

Contextual feedback

Keep people happy by soliciting feedback with in-place surveys, ratings, and reviews.

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No apps. No accounts. No overhead. Just easy-to-use contactless, touchless interactions that people will love.


Know when, where, and how people most often interact with your business. Gain insights and optimize your spaces.


Integrate with your existing tools and workflows using Routegy’s built-in integrations and open API. No code required unless you want to.

Add touchless interactions to your business in minutes.


Define common points of interactions.


Choose what kind of information to collect and where it should go.


Place touchpoints around your space. QR, NFC, buttons, or sensors.

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