Create no-code microapps in minutes.

Streamline business processes and workflows with contextual microapps that surface relevant actions and info from any data source.

Work more efficiently with microapps.

Illustration of a person's hands interacting with a Routegy microapp on their phone.

Routegy microapps combine information and actions from multiple tools and data sources across your infrastructure. Enriched with automatic context, even complex business processes become task-specific, single-page web experiences. No installation required.

Go from idea to microapp in minutes.

Illustration of example microapps you can create with Routegy like approval flows, surveys, dashboards, issue reporting, and information hubs.

Build microapps in minutes using Routegy's simple app editor.

Scale rapidly using patterns, which act as reusable templates for common business processes.

Publish with a single-click. No need to configure hosting, access control, and other tedious infrastructure tasks.

Your infrastructure, simplified.

Illustration showing that Routegy connects to your existing infrastructure including notifications, scripts, software tools, databases, and cloud services.

Routegy simplifies how people interact with your existing tools, scripts, and databases without replacing them. Routegy microapps communicate with your infrastructure to display relevant info and perform task-specific actions in a consistent way.

Share microapps anywhere.

Illustration of ways people can interact with Routegy microapps via devices, QR codes and NFC tags, touch, gesture, and voice.

People access your microapps in links, Slack, email, QR codes, NFC tags, and even embedded devices. Apps look great on any device and open in a standard web browser, meaning no app installations and versions to manage.

Discover how Routegy microapps can help your business.